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Uses for Sandbags

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Uses for NYP-Corp Sandbags

Many people’s experiences with sandbags revolve around flood control. They certainly do the job better than just about anything else available. Because they can be transported empty and filled on site, they can quickly reach areas with little else available or where heavy equipment can’t.

When filled, one person can easily carry and place a sandbag. With an interlocking stacking pattern, (Read our previous blog on  How to Correctly Create a Sandbag Wall) sandbags create an excellent barrier to water. For flood control, they can be used to repair levies, create a barrier around a house, or simply block water from entering under doorways.


Expanding Our Services With Great Western

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Established 93 years ago in St. Louis, Missouri, Great Western Bag processed burlap and burlap bags for feed mills, farmers and nurserymen across the Midwest. As demand grew from the emerging nursery industry; Great Western focused on the needs of nurserymen by providing a diverse and expanded line of growing and digging supplies.

In 1974 Great Western opened its second location in McMinnville, Tennessee operating as “Southwestern Nursery Supply”. In 1985, the McMinnville location introduced the patented “Superior” wire basket and commenced full scale basket production. The company further expanded its line of nursery products and changed its name to Great Western, for greater customer recognition between the Missouri and Tennessee locations.

During its years of growth, Great Western and NYP Corp maintained a close working relationship; supplying each other with quality products for Americas Nurserymen. The synergies between the businesses lead to the eventual acquisition of Great Western by NYP Corp in December 2010.

Operations in St. Louis and McMinnville will continue in their current locations, and will be managed by former Great Western employees. Check out our contact page  for a complete map of all NYP locations.

This acquisition will offer new and existing customers of both companies an expanded product line and factory direct nursery burlap and wire baskets. And, as with all NYP operations, this welcomed addition will be operated with the same core values and principles that have made NYP the leader in factory direct wholesale nursery supplies.  Check out where you can order online.

How to Plant a Burlapped Tree

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NYP Burlapped TreeSpring isn’t too far away and it’s an excellent time of year for planting ball and burlapped trees. These are trees that have been dug out of the ground and their roots have been wrapped in burlap. Natural burlap will rot away after planting, causing no disturbance to the roots.