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How to Care for Burlap

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Clean burlap bagsBurlap, also known as hessian, is a durable, rough fabric made from jute that can be used for different purposes including storage, home decorations and sandbags for  flood protection.

However, it is susceptible to fraying and disintegrating at many different methods of washing. This is problematic since burlap can often hold strong and stubborn odors and stains. Even if  it’s just being used for storage, many people can become frustrated with the unpleasant smells since odor can easily transfer to whatever is being stored.


Preparing For a Hurricane – What Can You Do?

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Prevent flooding during hurricane seasonNYP-Corp understands how important it is to secure your home and property during the hurricane season. We have  filled sandbags ready to go that can protect your home, business, property and valuables from flooding at any given time. By doing so, this allows you to focus on other important tasks leading up to potential property disasters.

Hurricanes rank among the most powerful of the world’s natural disasters. They present a plethora of potential problems for home-owners and their families including high winds and flooding. Before a Hurricane strikes, take the opportunity to put in place measures to prevent damage and prepare for the after-effects of a storm.