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A Flood Season of Historic Proportions

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Flood protectionAfter flooding this spring in the Mississippi Valley, residents of some towns were leaving their hometowns in droves, while others in higher areas were not as affected. If you take a look at NYP’s flood risk map, you can see that the USA is experiencing a flood season of epic proportions.

Hundreds seeking a higher place to live were fleeing the town with a low elevation of Vidalia, Louisiana, with many of them moving to higher ground nearby in Natchez, Mississippi. Many filled moving vans and other vehicles with furniture, and even tractors and combines from the farming community in Louisiana. Not long ago, the farming equipment was used in cotton and corn fields in Vidalia.

Perhaps the only silver lining is that floods are a slow moving event and thus residents have time to prepare. One of the cheapest, most effective forms of flood protection are emergency sandbags from NYP.