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Military Grade Sandbags

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Military Specification SandbagsSandbags have been a staple for military engineers since the late 18th century. Military sandbags are commonly made out of woven polypropylene and are important because of their wide range of uses. When filled with sand or soil, sandbags play important roles in military fortification and flood control. Because they are relatively inexpensive, military sandbags are still widely used today. (more…)

The History and Uses of Burlap

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Tough and durable, burlap is known globally by many names (e.g. hessian or jute). The ancient people of India are credited with discovering the many uses of the jute plant. While the Indians used small amounts of the plant to make rope and paper, upon its discovery in the 1790s by English traders, the plant had not yet seen massive exportation. By 1793, Britain received 100 tons of the plant, and continued shipping the plant home for use.

The plant also made its way into Dundee, Scotland where the jute earned royal treatment, and by the 1830s, it was discovered how to make this tough material spin into yarn. Due to the hard-earned spinning discovery, Dundee Scotland was able to begin spinning large quantities of the material and he thrived.