Made From Burlap, Acrylic, Cotton and Polypropylene

We produce and distribute the only full line of Military compliant and commercial grade sandbags in the industry. Whether a national disaster or a military conflict, sandbags from NYP Corp. are there to provide protection from rising flood waters or enemy aggression. NYP provides:

*NYP offers CID (commercial item description) specification sandbags that comply with the Berry Amendment and the Buy American Act, as required by the DoD, DLA, DSCP and most governmental agencies in the USA. We also produce and distribute non-specification sandbags for domestic flood control.
Military Specification sandbags are denoted with an asterisk.(*)

Our Sandbag Inventory

1600 hr UV White Polypropylene
14”x 26” w/tie string                 available in safety yellow, safety orange and olive green  

Treated Burlap                              10oz A-A-52141 CID*
14”x 26”w/tie string

Tan Acrylic                                    NSN 8105-01-331-3704*
14”x 26” w/tie string

Olive Drab Acrylic                        NSN 8105-00-935-7101*
14” x 26” w/tie string

Cotton Duck Sandbags               NSN 8105-00-782-2709*
14” x 26” w/tie string

Olive Drab Polypropylene          NSN 8105-00-142-9345*
14”x 26” w/woven draw string 

Plain Burlap   10oz
14”x 26” w/tie string 

With our in-house manufacturing capabilities we can custom produce sandbags specifically for you:

  • custom size
  • add printing
  • self-closing filling valve
  • assorted material constructions and weights

All of the above sandbags are available pre-filled and ready to stack.

Our Sandbags are Used in the Following Applications:

  • Flood water control
  • US Military Force Protection
  • Dike and dam reinforcement
  • Home flood protection
  • Fire walls
  • Paint ball courses
  • Demolition bunkers
  • Stabilizing highway signs and markers
  • Crowd control
  • Barricades
  • Erosion control
  • Snow and ice traction weights
  • Preventing beach erosion
  • Channeling water run off
  • Counter weights
  • Military testing facilities
  • Military surge operations

Our standard and most economical 14”x 26”white woven polypropylene sandbag is packed 1000 per bale and ready to rush-ship today. Smaller quantities are available; just contact us at 1-800-524-1052.