pinning nails and other horticultural products

Products for the Nursery and Horticultural Industries

NYP Pinning Nails

Our nails are polished, with a needle point and oval head for easy pinning.
#6D2 ¼”125048
#6D2 ¼”12½5048

NYP Flagging Tape

We offer flagging tape in solid and glo-colors, and in striped, polka dot and checked patterns. (All glo-colors are 150’ per roll.)
1 3/16”3001212

Hog Ring Staples and Stapling Pliers

Great for securing excess burlap around the top of your root ball!

  • Stapling pliers - #P7 style (uses SR8 staples/sold individually)
  • Hog ring staples - C-Ring 11/16” - 2500 per box/10 boxes per case


NYP offers Texel R® Geodisc and Squares. This reusable synthetic fabric is coated with SpinOut™ to control weed growth in plant containers. This environmentally friendly geotextile is UV resistant, is water permeable and reduces moisture evaporation.

Winter Protection Covers

We carry Arbo-Pro® by Texel R® a snow, wind and frost blanketing cover. This non-woven geotextile offers your plants excellent protection during harsh winter conditions, creating a stable micro-climate for plants under the protective barrier. This extremely durable fabric lasts up to 5 seasons.

  • Available in 3oz. and 6oz. per square yard
  • 11.5’, 17’, 23’, and 46’ widths X 328 ft rolls

Other TexelR products for the nurseryman are available from NYP Corp.
Please, call our customer service department or contact the NYP salesperson servicing your region for more information on these and other NYP products.

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