NYP Corp Manufacturer of Burlap and Sandbags

NYP Corp Provides Burlap and Other Agricultural Supplies and Textiles

NYP Corp. has provided wholesale nurseries, manufacturers, agricultural processors and governmental agencies with customized textile packaging for more than 60 years.

Our affiliation with these industries and other business related groups keeps NYP Corp. well informed of current events within each association. Our active support and involvement with the groups below and many more influences our business decisions as we strive to be the best provider for our customers.

Customs-Trade Partnership Against TerrorismIn 2008 NYP Corp. became a certified partner with U.S. Customs and Border Protection by participating in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program. This program requires us and our overseas suppliers to adhere to a rigid security program, thus insuring all shipments destined for US ports are safe for entry into our country. This program assists us in maintaining an uninterrupted supply chain in these perilous times and insures on time delivery to our customers.

The Association of the United States ArmyNYP is a proud member of The Association of the United States Army. Our support here keeps NYP Corp. informed of changes affecting the supply of materials used by the military. In addition to providing support for the US warfighter and their families, AUSA offers new and current legislation affecting the military.

American Nursery and Landscape AssociationOur participation in the American Nursery and Landscape Association gives us the opportunity to support an industry that has been instrumental in the success of NYP Corp. Here we have an opportunity to meet with other members and customers where business trends and changes are shared and discussed.

The Textile Bag and Packaging Association

The Textile Bag and Packaging Association is a group of associated companies providing innovated packaging for businesses around the globe.